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This app is filled with information to help players, trainers, and coaches improve their craft. Download it now for only $1 and get instant access to one of the top basketball minds in the world!

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ForbesApril 2020
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Train with one of the top basketball minds in the world from anywhere in the world.

Adam Harrington talks about the DJ Sackmann App
Adam HarringtonAssistant Coach, Brooklyn Nets
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The DJ Sackmann App is an incredible way to stay challenged, engaged & active with your basketball training. My 13 year old son has completed every challenge and workout over the past 2 weeks while being stuck at home. He has been able to keep his skills sharp and learn new things but his ability to work to overcome a challenge is what I have been most impressed with!

Tom Crean talks about DJ Sackmann
Tom CreanHead Coach of Georgia Bulldogs
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I'm 51 and I've been a head coach for 18 years, and I've learned more watching DJ Sackmann in one week, than I could have possibly imagined.

Filayyyy talks about the DJ Sackmann App
Jesse Jonesaka Filayyyy
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This is a great way to stay in shape, stay sharp, and stay ready. The DJ Sackmann App has multiple challenges and drills. I started with Handle at Home and it’s great. I love that it gives me a chance to work on my craft during this strange time. With this app I am building on my ability to handle the basketball. This is full of the best teaching points. The knowledge and IG on here is crazy!

Brandon Walker of adidas talks about working with DJ Sackmann
Brandon Walkeradidas Head of North America Sports Marketing
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I've had the pleasure of working with DJ Sackmann of the last four years and he is flat out one of the best trainers on the planet. His sincerity allows for him to genuinely connect with this athletes, both on and off the court. I truly admire his deep knowledge of the game and his eagerness to learn. He is leading the next generation of basketball, we are in great hands.
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